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At Tony Van Oyen Builder, Inc., we are dynamically engaged in building green! Our mission is to create homes with sustainable energy efficiency at a fair price. Over the past several years, we have consistently received the superior HERS index energy ratings. Our goal is to keep the American dream alive by providing American homeowners with the most energy efficient homes to ensure a substantial savings on their utility costs and to also create a positive impact on our environment. Tony Van Oyen Builder Inc. is the leader in providing energy efficient homes to our customers


I had the pleasure of working with Van Oyen Builders throughout the entire renovation project of a commercial building. Not only were the employees of Van Oyen Builders very attentive, professional, knowledgeable, and helpful through the process, their contractors were all wonderful to work with as well. I could not be more happy with the finished project and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a builder to work with!

Our final walk-through was conducted on 10/18/18. We were very happy with our experience with Van Oyen Builders.They were very accommodating when I asked to make changes to the elevation plan. They also were very flexible and willing to work with us when there was “confusion” on ordering of the the kitchen cabinets. They went over and above to include some additional work on the final grading. Overall, this was our first experience in building a new home. We had heard the horror stories about bad experiences with builders, but thankfully we selected a first rate company to build our new home. I would not hesitate to recommend Van Oyen to anyone considering building a new home.

We love our beautiful new home built by Tony Van Oyen Builders. They allowed us to be part of the build and designing our plan. Great family and staff!!

If you’re looking for a family of experienced, down-to-earth, honest professionals to build your home, look no more! Joe, John, Jim, Ellen and Jill provided us with an excellent experience from start to finish. See below for a copy of the email we sent following our build.

Five months later after moving in, we have had only one issue, which was EXTREMELY minor. Joe responded within 15 minutes with a plan to fix it, and it was resolved within a week. The Van Oyens work to ensure your satisfaction even after you move in, including outside of the standard Homeowner’s Warranty checkpoints.
Exact copy of our email to Joe/John/Jim/Ellen/Jill:

We wanted to extend our sincerest gratitude to you for helping us build our dream home. We’ve been living there for two weeks now and we absolutely love it.

Your attention to detail and quality construction did not go unnoticed. We feel like you built our house no different than the way you would build your own homes, and that means a lot. Every one of your contractors was friendly and helpful, and it is clear that they take great care in their work.

As we’ve mentioned, Jill’s quick and thorough responses from the very start was one of the primary reasons we selected you as our builder, and this continued by all of you throughout the build. We often forgot that you were building other houses, as you made us feel like we were your only and most important clients.

Finally, we recognize that this was a highly custom build, and as such, took additional effort and attention. We’ve learned through this process that others have not been so fortunate to have so few issues when building a home. I credit our success to your honest, personable and moral character; you really are a stand-up family (I include Jill in your “family!”). You really delivered for us, and we very much appreciate it.

If you are looking to build a home in South Lyon or the surrounding areas, Tony Van Oyen Builder, Inc. should be your first stop.

I can’t say enough wonderful things about Ellen, John, Jim, Joe, and Jill. They are a fantastic group to work with and your experience will be a great one!

I am both a customer and supplier of theirs. These are honorable folks who work hard to make sure everyone they deal with feels like part of their family.

The entire team at Tony Van Oyen builders did a fantastic job of building our new house. They were very responsive at all times and the quality of workmanship is among the best ! A great experience from the initial meeting until we moved in. We would highly recommend the Tony Van Oyen builders. They made us feel like family.
Kurt and Sheryl.

When we decided to build our home, Tony Van Oyen Builders where literally our first call. They went over and above our expectations and helped every step of the way. Without the expertise at Tony Van Oyen builders our great home wouldn’t be worth the soil it sits on.

Tony Van Oyen Builders built our home. It was our second new construction. They were great to work with, especially John and Ellen. John had no problem meeting us on site for questions. We made a few changes during the construction. They were very accommodating. It really seemed like they wanted to make sure that we were happy with the home. We had a couple of minor warranty issues. They were addressed very promptly. We would diffidently build with them again.

When my wife and I started looking at new home construction, we found Arbors of Lyon in Lyon Township. As there were a number of homes under construction, we were able to check out materials and workmanship. Impressed by what we saw, we ended up contracting Van Oyen to build us our dream house. Three years into it and we are more than impressed. Not a creak in the floors, solid construction, impressive workmanship in plumbing, wiring, woodworking.and overall selections of materials. They were quick to respond to any of our questions or concerns. Even three years after build, they are always available A very good experience for us. This was our first “build it new” home and while we were anxious about the unknowns, the Van Oyens helped us through the entire process. Trust is absolutely key in building a home. You can trust these guys !!

Tony VanOyen Builders and their team were amazing! Before we met with Joe in the sales office to get the details about building, we were just gonna buy a “fixer upper”, but Joe made the plan very clear and the “basic” package (within our budget) that they offered was more than we had expected! We then met with Jill on many decisions about the exterior and interior choices for our home and she did a great job keeping us within our budget and letting us know where we could make some upgrades that mattered. Tony VanOyen Builders offered us a contact for our construction loan and the withdraw process throughout the build was easy and painless. All the contractors did their jobs in an excellent and timely matter. The timeline for the build was kept well. At the end of the build, besides having a beautiful new home, Tony VanOyen Builders also gave us our energy rating which exceeded what our previous home was and that was 1/2 the size and built in 2004. I would highly recommend stopping by their sales office and learning how easy it can be to build the home of your dreams! Thank you Tony VanOyen Builders!

We had our home built in 2012/2013 by Tony Van Oyen. Every step of the process from customizing the blueprint to the color decisions to personal preferences in the utilities were well organized and handled with professionalism. Even thye last minute changes we requested were handled well.

Having been in our house for over a year now we are very happy with how everything turned out as well as the warranty and attention we were given after the move in date. Calls and e-mails are always returned in a timely manner and working with this team is easy.

The fit and finish of this house is well done and the quality of the build shows in our heating/AC bills, almost 25% less than what we paid for our 1,200 sqft apartment. If you are considering building with Tony Van Oyen get the facts, sit down with their team, and ask others who have built with them, you won’t be disappointed.

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